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Project Management

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Mechanical and Electrical Division

Building Products Division

Consultancy Division

Why Choose Us

The first and foremost step towards delivering the best is to understand the needs of a customer; more precisely, the specific human needs involved. Once this understanding is gained, it is an automatic process for Superior to put to work the most effective combination of its resources. Technical and managerial concepts and practices are so aligned with the requirements of the project that the end-result is invariably a perfect execution.

The Superior team has professionals in all the key areas of construction.

Design Project Management Services

a) Major Housing Complexes
b) Industrial Structures
c) Commercial Complexes
d) Waste water treatment plants
e) Long span Precast Concrete Structures

Superior through its innovative technical know-how in the field of pre-fabrication has knowledge of many precast, pre-stressed concrete structures.

Pre-engineered Steel Structures

Superior is expanding in the field of pre-engineered steel structures for construction of large span pre-fabricated steel framed industrial buildings. We have been in kind collaboration with many companies to proudly take credit for executing India's largest span portal frame for a multinational company.

Turnkey Project

At Superior time is of the essence. We deliver the total construction package well in advance of the stiffest time schedule.

Project Management

With vast knowledge of experience in engineering and project management, our professionals offer planning and scheduling services to a wide variety of industries.

Our Project Management serves the entire range: Initial Project Planning (Tasks, Resources, and Schedule), Task Oversight, Tracking, Reporting and Change Management.

The Project Management team is focuses on the approach latest tools and can offer:

Bar Chart preparation

1.Milestone charts.
2. Review of physical progress
3. Bill checking
4. Weekly site meetings
5. Resource Leveling

Mechanical and Electrical Division

Our M&E Division is primarily responsible for the management and execution of electrical, mechanical, Erection & Commissioning, Piping, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning works at project locations. This division has been providing its services for projects that we construct, and is proposing to commence the provision of services for projects which it tenders for independently. This division also provides consultancy and execution services for various contract works. These services are typically provided at a fixed rate per square foot. In addition to providing and implementing electrical, mechanical-erection, plumbing and air-conditioning works, the M&E division also provides design, estimation and procurement services.

With a view to improving the range of offering provided by this division, we have initiated the provision of services from this division for infrastructure projects in the power transmission.

Interior Division

Our Interior Division is engaged in the provision of interior contracting and fit out services for our own projects and to a range of third party public and private sector clients. It was formed as a result of a goodwill agreement after over-viewing the current trend of the economic growth.

The core services provided by Superior include the assembly of wood and wood based products including doors, windows, flooring, ceilings, paneling and custom built furniture for commercial and residential use. While Superior does possess an in house design capability, it typically engages in the execution of interior design schemes and production specific drawings received from clients and third party designers. We propose to strengthen our in house design capability and develop a dedicated interior design team within the Interior Division with the objective of providing integrated design and execution services in the interiors space.

Superior Interiors typically operate from our project sites and engage in the onsite fabrication and installation of interiors. We are proposing to carry out the above fabrication operations at a dedicated factory for which we are currently in the process of identifying land. The primary raw material for our interiors division includes timber, wood, plywood, gypsum board, floor titles, false ceiling panels and work stations, which we source locally and use the major brand names.

Building Products Division

Our Building Products Division consists of various machines for production of ready mixed concrete and manufacturing facility for production of building blocks. We are planning to use batching plants engaged in the production of various grades of ready mixed concrete at various locations in India. Our main focus remains on the production of the Interlocking tiles, RCC pavers, Kerb stones for industrial and domestic purposes.

The chief raw materials for our building products division are cement, aggregates, sand and water all of which we sourced locally. Our building products division produces ready mixed concrete and building blocks for our own in house consumption and also, and surplus is sold to third parties at prevailing market rates.

Our building products division has been established by us with the objective of ensuring that raw materials for our building projects are of a suitable quality and strength and ensuring a consistent and regular source of supply for ready mixed concrete and building blocks.

Consultancy Division

Our Consultancy Division provides solutions on various engineering hook-ups and bottlenecks. We have a team that consistency works on the improvements of Process Re-Engineering, Kaizen, 5S, OEE, TPM, TQM, Six Sigma, Autonomous Maintenance, Manpower planning, Supply Chain, Due Diligence, Human Resource Outsourcing.

Health, Safety and Environment

We believe that ensuring the health and safety of our employees is critical to the successful conduct of our business and operations. We are therefore committed to complying with applicable health, safety and environmental regulations and other requirements in our operations. To ensure the desired degree of compliance, we have initiated documented policies to identify and classify potential risks and have implemented the requisite safety procedures and controls to minimize workplace accidents and hazards. We employ specialized safety personnel to ensure the implementation of our HSE policies and conduct regular training sessions for our employees in connection with such policies.

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